Steel Applications used during work processes related to steel elements.
Estimation tool It is a web/Revit solution that generates quantification reports, estimates, pre catalogs and work progress from a bim model.
Family administrator Manage and control the content of families, centralize the files in BIM360 in the cloud.
Model Management Tool to manage Revit models from a web interface in BIM360.
Modeling Applications used during the design processes of a BIM model.
Change monitor Web / Revit solution that manages and monitors the changes made in a BIM model.
Blueprints Applications used during activities related to the creation of work blueprints.
Room Data Sheets Report creation tool for each room of a building, link the information of the BIM model with a web database.
Model Health Tool that analyzes the efficiency and quality of a BIM model.
Workshop Blueprints BIM tool for project documentation that generates, manages and orders labels, tables and annotations through the Revit API.